Quills blogging add-on for Plone gets some attention

release 1.8.1

The venerable Products.Quills blogging add-on for Plone has been neglected for some time. I'd last used it on some 4.x sites but the eggs on the PyPi package Index were missing some files. 

Quills has been tested with Plone 4.3.11. It has not been tested with Plone 5.

Now Products.Quills 1.8.1 and the matching quills.app 1.8.1 have been released to pypi:

Both add-ons have been updated with current Plone version PyPi classifiers

How to Install Quills

To install them in your Plone site, add this to your buildout.cfg:

eggs =

then run bin/buildout

If you want to ensure you get the latest version of Products.Quills:

eggs =

I always pin egg versions, either there in the eggs lines or later in a [versions] section or in a separate versions.cfg file, e.g.


Release Management

I used the lovely zest.releaser tool to do that. Among other things, it tags the release in the GitHub repo, so that later on we can all find the exact state of the source code used to release that particular egg, e.g. 

Recently I ran into difficulties (still unresolved) with another project that did NOT tag its releases in GitHub, and I've been unable to branch off the correct past state of its code to try to fix some bugs.